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Lee Jay Jr.

Lee E. Jay, Jr. is an inspirational leader who believes in leading with compassion and enrichment to encourage team members to take control of their own destiny. He has learned that you must have a clear and defined purpose in order to achieve what you desire in life. He leads by example, while encouraging others to do the same. He hopes to enrich the lives of others through his leadership, which he believes is the ultimate accomplishment. Lee is currently the Chief Operating Officer (COO) of BC3 Technologies, a company focused on the development of wound dressing products, and the President of Aerosol and Liquid Packaging Inc. (A&L), an FDA, and EPA registered facility that works with businesses and individuals to develop and manufacture new products. A&L has appeared in numerous media channels including “Spray Technology” magazine for helping in the development and manufacturing of an innovative dental product and in the Baltimore Sun for manufacturing a new cologne for comic book legend Stan Lee. As COO of BC3 Technologies, Lee oversees the operations and assists in the development of new devices intended for saving lives. As President of Aerosol and Liquid Packaging Inc. Lee’s primary responsibility is to create a culture and environment conducive for everyone to succeed. Lee’s knowledge, energy and drive come from having two parents with a combined 68 years of experience in the Aerosol Industry, as well as owning their own business. Over the past 20 years at A&L Lee has accumulated a strong acumen and expertise in the following areas: Quality assurance, Operations, Establishing process, Filling: aerosols ,liquids, gels, powders, Compounding formulas, Hazmat certifications, research and product development.