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Wayne Grube Jr.

Wayne Grube, CEO of BC3 Technologies, is a charismatic leader whom takes "outside the box" to a whole new level. His motivated mind has lead him to innovate every venture he has ever pursued. Working as Vice President of Aerosol and Liquid Packaging, Wayne has experience in developing projects from scratch and scaling them into production. Wayne has experience in chemistry, job costing, customer relations, and federal regulations (FDA, EPA, DOT, Etc). With a wealth of knowledge and relationships in the manufacturing industry polished over the last nine years, nothing has proved to be too difficult. As a hard-working pioneer of every pursuit he tackles, he shows that good quality results can accompany great monetary profits. This sharp-minded business insight has lead him to be an effective manager and leader with each new project he sets his sights on. Having 5 years of experience as a top-performing sales rep for Office Depot, he oversaw a region of 16 stores, selling to many high-profile organizations. Securing key decision makers to help accomplish a goal, is an ability that Wayne  has masterfully honed. His experience also includes 4 years of running a branch of a major mortgage company. Mr Grube, simply put, is a perfectionist; passionate about getting the job done in a way that far exceeds average expectation. He does not settle for mediocrity and instead tirelessly endeavors to see his creative visions realized to their maximum potential. He is a genuine example of how one doesn’t have to strive to be merely good...one can be great. Wayne Grube is a visionary leader with all the qualities and traits to see a dream brought to life. And he does so with a charmingly joyous smile on his face. Every time. He is the embodiment of ideal leadership and success.