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Addressing a Critical Need in Wound Care
The Deadly Truth:

Trauma-related Fatalities

Over 200,000 Americans succumb to trauma-related fatalities each year.

Traumatic injury, accounts for over 35% of cases during the first 24 hours.

Hemorrhage, or severe bleeding, is the leading cause of death in both pre-hospital settings.

In combat scenarios, effective hemostatic treatments could have prevented approximately 24% of battlefield deaths, with a staggering 85% of these resulting from uncontrollable hemorrhage. 

Firearm Death Rate

With the increase in the number of mass shootings, where you do have multiple people to treat...You could save multiple lives if you’re treatment time is cut in half or more. You’re not opening-up a gauze pack, putting it in, making sure the bleeding stops, wrapping it up before moving on.

The rapid, 5-second delivery is very valuable. That, and the fact that’s easily portable and can be carried on our belt. It also looks very easy to use. Being able to use in wet and windy conditions is also really helpful because we’re in bad weather situations, particularly when responding to car accidents, all the time.”

Being able to stop a bleed as quickly as possible is the number one priority. It’s also time management. If the field guys can get a patient to the point where they’re able to be transported, then that improves the survival odds. Anything that saves time would be important. We have the equipment, and we have the ability to get a patient out. We just need time.”

Market Research: Select Verbatims

In these critical moments, the ability to quickly and effectively manage bleeding is not just a medical concern; it is a matter of life and death.

BC3 Technologies Inc:
Pioneering Antihemorrhagic Innovations

At BC3 Technologies Inc (BC3), we understand the gravity of this challenge.

That's why we have dedicated our efforts to develop groundbreaking antihemorrhagic solutions that cater to the medical, military, and general consumer sectors. Our focus is on saving lives by providing efficient, effective, and accessible hemostatic products.

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Rapid Clotting Ability: Designed to stop bleeding quickly, our aerosol product ensures prompt and efficient wound management, crucial in emergency situations where every second counts.


Ease of Application: The aerosol form factor makes it incredibly easy to apply, even in high-stress environments or by individuals without medical training.


Superior Performance: Through innovative research, we have developed a formula that not only matches but surpasses competitor products in clotting ability, cost-effectiveness, stability, and overall hemostatic activity.

Cold Application

Innovative Cold Application: Our unique 'cold' spray technology induces vasoconstriction, accelerating the clotting process without causing pain or discomfort to the patient.


Versatility: Whether it's a battlefield wound, a surgical setting, or a domestic accident, our product is designed to perform under various conditions, ensuring reliability when it matters most.

Chitosan Particles

Micron-Sized Chitosan Particles: These particles interact swiftly and effectively with wounds, creating a protective barrier that facilitates rapid hemostasis.

BC3: A Partner in Saving Lives

BC3 Technologies Inc is more than just a product manufacturer; we are a partner in the global effort to improve trauma care and save lives. Our commitment extends beyond the development of advanced hemostatic solutions; we are dedicated to raising awareness, educating the public, and supporting initiatives that address the critical issue of traumatic bleeding. Join us in our mission to transform wound care and make a meaningful difference in emergency response and trauma management.

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